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Bronx, NY, USA
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About me
Hey there, everyone!

I'm a true New Yorker, born and raised, and I've got a background in art and design. Growing up in this city, I've had the chance to explore all over and meet people from different walks of life. I'm really into learning about different cultures and sharing what makes each of us special.

I'm good at telling stories, but I'm also a great listener. So, whether you want to chat or just enjoy the peace around us, I'm up for it!

New York City is a whirlwind of things to do – there's always something happening. I love checking out new spots and cool events. But I also have a soft spot for my favorite neighborhoods and places that have stayed the same for a long time.

I'm all about downtown life. The streets that don't follow the usual pattern really intrigue me. What's cool about lower Manhattan is you can walk just a little bit and suddenly find yourself in a whole new place.

So, let's have fun exploring the city, mixing the old and the new. We can share stories, make memories, and enjoy the exciting vibe of life in the Big Apple!

If you're a foodie, an artist, a traveler, or just someone who wants to hang out I'd love to meet and exchange our stories on how we ended up in this big bustling city.
My Offer
I'm all about exploration and making our time together special just for you! In New York, getting around is best done by foot or using the subway, so get ready for some walking or hopping on public transit.

If you're up for anything, I've got an awesome plan. We could kick things off by taking a stroll through Manhattan's lively Chinatown – a blend of culture and bubble tea. Then, if you're into shopping and art, we can head uptown to trendy Soho. Or, if you're more into the downtown scene, we can go towards City Hall, Wall Street, and the tip of Manhattan, where you'll catch an amazing sunset if it's that time of day.

And that's not all! If we've got the time, we can backtrack through Battery Park's west side to catch a distant view of the Statue of Liberty and pay our respects at the World Trade Center memorials. If you're interested, I've got a personal connection to 9/11 and can share my experience of how it affected me growing up nearby.

When I travel, I love hunting down street art and graffiti from around the world. Want to join me in the hunt? New York's graffiti scene is always changing, and I'm totally down for discovering new art pieces together. If you're curious, you can check out the cool graffiti I've found both here and from other cities on my Instagram account

Oh, and I'm also into photography as a hobby. If you're game, I've got a fancy camera to snap some awesome pics and capture memories from our time together. Let's make this experience one to remember!
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$35.00 Per Hour
Truly enjoyable by Daniela

My husband and I had a fantastic time with Alex as our guide in Manhattan's Central Park, New York City. Not only did Alex show us the park's hidden gems, but also shared interesting stories and history about this iconic green space. With his guidance, we captured wonderful photos in some of the park's most unique locations. Alex's expertise and warm personality made the experience truly enjoyable.

Highly recommended by Deborah

I had an incredible time exploring NYC with Alex! Her personalized approach made the experience special. We walked through Chinatown, shopped in Soho, and enjoyed downtown sights. Highly recommended!

This experience was... by Michelle

This experience was amazing, such a great guide, we were so delighted, this is the best way to explore the sightseeing of NYC, she was always in touch with me and overall it was an amazing experience. I'll recommend her to all my friends.

We really enjoyed... by Jacob

We really enjoyed the chum-around New York. Our guide really knew her stuff; her knowledge and stories about the area were both educational and entertaining.. The photo stops were amazing!

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