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Hudson County, NJ, USA
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Hi there,

I am a working actor in new york city whose life is centered around the arts! I would be happy to take you on a tour of the *real* new york city actor scene, do a scene or play reading with you, or simply take you to the spots around the city where artists love to hang out.

The tour I can offer you is perfect for any out of town performer who wants the New York city actor experience. I would also love to give you a tour of the amazing libraries NYC has to offer :)
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Acting Studios, A tour of Broadway and its History Take you to a famous rehearsal space and run you through a mock audition Best restaurants, libraries, and cafe's to find actors and performers Bike around the city as we prepare for our audition. Towards the end of our NYC acting tour, I will take you to a famous rehearsal space and you will perform our "mock" audition. If you are in a group, we will "cast" the role together to give you a insiders view on the Audition/casting process. We will also do some light script analysis. Auditions will be selected individually based

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$75.00 Per Hour
Wonderful by Rachel

Jesse's tour was an absolute delight! We immersed ourselves in the world of acting, visited iconic places, and even participated in a mock audition. The entire experience was not only entertaining but also offered valuable insights into the intriguing realm of Broadway.

We loved Jesse. by Ella

NYC came alive with Jesse's tour! Biking through the city, we explored places frequented by actors and enjoyed a unique perspective on the audition process with a mock audition. It was a day filled with excitement and laughter.

Had a great time together. by Nathan

Had a great time with Jesse in NYC. He knows all the cool places actors hang out, and we biked around the city. The mock audition was a blast!

Jesse was great. by Melanie

Jesse's tour rocked! We saw acting studios, talked about Broadway history, and even did a pretend audition. Such a cool experience!

Wonderful guide. by Joe

My experience with Jesse, the actor and guide in New York City, was absolutely phenomenal! Jesse's knowledge and insights into the acting world added a unique and exciting dimension to the tour.

Unforgettable Experience by Tom

If you're passionate about acting or simply curious about the theatrical world, Jesse is the perfect guide. His enthusiasm, coupled with the unique activities planned, ensures an engaging and unforgettable exploration of New York City's acting scene.

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